Who We Are

Our Commitment To You


We will safely and reliably deliver your yacht anywhere in the continental US, Canada, Bahamas, or Caribbean. Working together with you, we will plan your delivery, taking into consideration your schedule, travel speed preferences, vessel condition, safest routing, and of course, weather and sea conditions. We  enjoy working with our owners in preparing you and your boat for the voyage. We will ensure that your boat is prepared for the trip and delivered in a clean and ship shape manner.

We will provide an iPad computer with electronic charts to serve as backup to your electronic navigation equipment. We always carry a Personal Locator Beacon for added safety, and bring along our own handheld VHF radio and binoculars. We also carry a portable WIFI card with us so we can email daily Progress Reports/Photos. Of course, we will remain in constant contact via cell phone, as coverage permits. Additionally, a record of all engine room checks is maintained and provided, as well as a list of any identified issues and suggested improvements. 

We love sharing our experience and specialize in teaching individuals and couples how to cruise safely. Has your insurance company asked that you be signed off by a Professional Captain? We have done so many times.Especially if you are new to your vessel, or switching from sail to power, we are happy to provide instruction on navigation, boat handling, seamanship, safety,  boat systems, and maintenance.  We have developed several teaching materials and checklists you can use immediately, to help build confidence! Our focus is on helping our clients cruise in a low anxiety, safe, and fun way!




Bob and Pam Shircliff are lifelong boaters who have been married and boating together for over thirty years. Together, they have logged almost 30,000 miles in the last seven years  aboard their own vessels and their clients' vessels. They have never filed a boating insurance claim, and have safely completed America's Great Loop, circumnavigating the eastern U.S. and Canada. The Great Loop, together with years of open water cruising experience, have provided them with a wide range of navigation and boat handling experiences, and inspired them to provide yacht transport and training services for others in the boating community. They have hands on cruising experience on the US Inland Rivers, the Intracoastal Waterway, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas, the Great Lakes, Canada, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Northwest.

Captain Bob holds a Master's Degree in Hospital Administration and has served as CEO of a major healthcare system. Bob earned his USCG Captain's License in  2003, upgrading to a 100 Ton USCG Master Captain's License in 2012. He is a member of the American Professional Captain's Association random drug testing program, holds a TWIC card, and is CPR/First Aid certified. Pam grew up on a sailboat, learning sailing skills from her father.  Pam and Bob are Sponsors and members of the America's Great Loop Cruisers Association, Marine Trawlers Owners Association, and Seven Seas Cruisers Association.

Services and Fees

Trip Planning

Prior to departure, we will work through a pre-departure checklist with you and provide a preliminary itinerary, for your approval. Prior to departure, we will discuss any factors we should be aware of, as your delivery team, including condition of the vessel and its systems, its USCG required safety equipment, locations of critical documents, equipment and tools, and other important information about operating YOUR boat safely and efficiently. The safest, most efficient route possible will be discussed and agreed upon prior to departure. Any known, required maintenance issues will also be addressed during the planning phase. Communication regularity and methods will also be agreed upon, including the use of a daily float plan contact. Ensuring the safety of any passengers and the vessel is paramount.

Fees and Insurance

Since every yacht and route is different, it is impossible for delivery crews to carry their own insurance. This is why we ask each owner to contact their insurance company and provide us with an insurance certificate from their company indicating the policy is in force, and that we are insured to operate your boat. Of course, we will provide all necessary credentials to the insurance company . In advance of departure, we will review together the estimated fees and expenses for the trip. Simply call us or complete the estimate request form on this website!  We are happy to provide you with a detailed estimate for your delivery or training, and Captain Bob also has a well qualified team of Captains ready to serve on longer deliveries.

 All actual expenses for the delivery, including ground or air travel, fuel, provisions, and boat expenses are the responsibility of the owner. We will ask that you provide us with, and authorize our use of, a credit card to use during the trip for all covered expenses throughout the trip. If a credit card cannot be provided, 100% of the estimated expenses will be required. A detailed accounting and copies of all trip receipts will be provided upon delivery completion. We also ask that 50% of the estimated, agreed upon fees be provided prior to the trip, with the remainder due upon delivery. 

Sometimes, repairs are necessary along the way, and we can normally repair typical engine, electrical, and plumbing issues. We are happy to attempt routine repairs, but will also hire professionals, in accordance with your preference. Of course, in the event of a major system failure, we will proceed to the nearest port and contact you before any repair work is started. Especially prior to long delivery trips, or ones through open seas, we encourage full mechanical inspection by a professional of your choice. Key items such as fuel filters, fuel condition, hoses, belts, raw water pump impellers, and lights should be checked.

In a spirit of fairness, travel time and weather delays are charged at a discounted rate. Mechanical delays are treated on an individual basis.

Please go to our CONTACT page for an estimate to deliver your vessel.